Our Little Toy Shop

We believe in play!  We believe children don’t need very many toys.  But… we do believe they deserve a small number of beloved toys.  Toys that are the keepers.  The ones which stick around and remain loved for the long haul.  Toys that delight and engage and make a special place in your child’s heart.  

Here, you’ll find carefully selected, beautifully handcrafted blocks & stacking things, dolls and soft toys, wooden figures, games and puzzles, pull toys, imaginative toys, musical instruments, teething toys and necklaces and classic toys.  And if you’d prefer to give the gift of playtime, we offer gift certificates for membership to the playspace or a package of visits.

We are open M-F (10am-5pm) and Saturdays (10am-1pm).  We hope you’ll stop in  to find the perfect present.

Here’s a bit about our philosophy.

We believe in… 

  • toys that encourage open-ended play, where the choices are the child’s to make and the discovery includes their own self-discovery as they develop creative, critical, flexible thinking. (The kind of thinking which will serve a child through their entire life.)  
  • toys that connect children with the natural world because they are made in harmony with nature from natural materials. We believe natural toys are a necessary counterweight to such a “high-tech” world.
  • toys that allow children to dive deeply into the “now” of their play, rather than always eyeing what’s next.
  • toys that encourage make believe and leave room for children to flex their “imaginary muscles” – where children create new worlds.  Imagine watching your child breathe life into a wooden horse as they see a wild stallion galloping across the prairie or an old nag tiredly trotting along the path.  
  • toys that are loved by adults too.   (Because beautiful toys made with quality craftsmanship are simply more enjoyable when you are left to clean them up late at night.)
  • toys that teach children the value of relationships in life by giving them things that endure and are not disposable.
And… we believe in working with toymakers who align with our most personal values.  Our toymakers use fair labor practices & our toys are sustainably made