Mama Wisdom Group

The Mama Wisdom Group is a gathering circle for women to deeply connect with ourselves and to be uplifted by the support and wisdom of other mothers.

It is carving out a sacred time of the week for candlelight, shared stories, feminine wisdom and peace. It is a place of deep reflection, but it is also light-hearted, when we find ourselves laughing at the bumps and humps of being mom.

7:30 – 9pm (babies in arms welcome)
Facilitator: Kristin Schmid (

What happens in Mama Wisdom Group?
Amazing things happen in Mama Wisdom group, when women are given the opportunity to share their stories, reflect on their lives, search their souls, connect with other Mamas, and be in the moment in a sacred special place. Being a Mama is a rewarding, yet difficult role. There is rarely a moment of quiet time to reflect what it is that you WANT and NEED right now. Women are so busy caring for the house, our partners, our children, that our needs are often last and unmet. This groups helps to replenish your cup and fill this void, enabling you to feel more connected with yourself, your community, and your family. An empowered woman can tackle anything life throws her way.

How is Mama Wisdom Group different than other mothering support groups?
Most mothering support groups are created to help solve problems. A new mother or seasoned mom can go to a support group, in person or virtually these days, and throw out a question and get immediate feedback, advice, and suggestions. While this may be helpful in the moment, it may not help a mother to connect with her intuition, to reflect on the problem, and find a solution from within. Mama Wisdom group is a place where women are inspired by other women’s stories, challenged to search within themselves to find a source of strength, and allowed a safe place to be truly listened to and valued. As a mother of young children we go through our days yearning to be heard and appreciated. Life is busy, and hectic, and the needs of running a family and household do not lend themselves to heartfelt conversations about the struggles and joys of being a Mama. Instead we have many unfinished conversations, interrupted thoughts, and missed opportunities for connection. Mama Wisdom group is a weekly group that allows mothers to be deeply listened to and valued, which in turn is incredibly empowering. It is a place to form heartfelt connections with other women and form your tribe of support, similar to those bonds our ancestors formed within the red tent.

I would love to come, but finding the time and money is difficult.
What would you do if someone were to give you the a few hours to yourself. Would you get a cup of coffee, go for a walk, get a massage, go shopping, or maybe even be at a loss of what to do with this new found free time? While many of these options are appealing, imagine if you were able to use this time and actually feel replenished? What if you could use the time to feel centered again, find balance in your life, and see your true vision or calling? Many people feel like they had a life before their kids which will resume once their children are older, but having young children does not mean we should neglect ourselves and walk away from our light. I know it is much easier to spend the money on an activity for your children, or a date night with your husband, but consider putting your needs onto the list of priorities and say YES to feeling supported. As a new mom, I participated in a spiritual mothering circle and felt a bit guilty at first about spending the money on myself while my husband and baby were home. It was the best investment in myself I made in a long time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone each week, I, all of a sudden, felt supported and sunny. My relationship with my husband improved dramatically once my needs were being met, and I was able to be a better mother to my son. If this is something you are seeking out, you will find a way for it to work in your life.